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PMP Warranty & Return Policy PMP Warranty & Return Policy

Please read our full warranty statement below. If you purchased a longer warranty, that will show up as a line item on the invoice itself. Same warranty policy applies, but the time is extended.


You have just purchased a used engine/transmission/turbo and we at PMP Auto Group want you to be satisfied with your purchase. This engine/transmission/turbo is guaranteed to be free of defect for (60) days from the date of purchase, which is defined as the date you received the engine/transmission/turbo. If you do not return the engine/transmission/turbo to us within that (60) day period, this Warranty will be void and have no effect.
This Warranty applies only to you (or your customer if you are the Installing dealer), and is not transferable to any third party. This Warranty only applies if the engine is being used for non-commercial purposes.

THIS ENGINE/TRANSMISSION/TURBO IS INTENDED FOR USE IN AN APPLICATION THAT HAD A LIKE ENGINE AS ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT. OTHER INSTALLATIONS VOID ALL WARRANTIES. Engine horsepower-enhancing modifications or racing and high performance applications void warranty. This means ANY modification for the purpose of creating more horsepower voids this warranty. Examples of modifications that void your warranty- Intakes, Tunes, headers, Larger turbos, Larger Injectors, etc etc etc. This warranty does not cover any incidental and consequential charges including those incurred by overnight lodging, towing, shipping, loss of time, meals, rentals, labor or replacement vehicle. In case of possible engine defect, contact us and we will schedule the vehicle Or It's engine into our shop for inspection. Transportation to our shop is your responsibility. In some cases, we may elect to have possible defects inspected and/or repaired by a qualified repair facility of our choice. If the engine is found to be defective, we will repair, provide another engine, or issue a full refund not to exceed the retail price you paid for the engine. All other repairs will be done at our going shop rate. This is the only guarantee on the engine. No verbal or implied guarantees are honored. All guarantees are void if failure is caused by faulty installation by you or a third party, low fluid levels, abuse, overheating, or faulty electrical or computer devices.


Engines- Engines are not returnable for any reason, If there is a defect with the unit please refer to our warranty.

Transmissions- All turbocharged transmissions are Not Returnable- I.E. The transmission was Original Equipment in a turbocharged car. All others are returnable for 15 days & a 10% restocking Fee.

Turbos- All used turbo's are Not Returnable

Electronics- All electronics are Not returnable

Body Parts- Are Not Returnable

All others- At the sole discretion of Pmp Auto Group, other items can be returned for Store credit-