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Hi, and thank you for contacting Pmp Auto Specialties LLC about an engine. We recently made this document to help potential customers learn more about us, and answer some questions you might have.

Who we are: We are a small, family owned salvage yard located in Mertztown, PA. We have been doing “Subaru Only” Salvage for over 12 years now! We have 10 Employees at our location, and we would love to meet you!

About us further- Our Webpage is www.pmpautogroup.com

Our facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Pmpautoparts/

Our Google Link- https://g.page/r/CRjC-2sideTpEB0/review (just hit cancel on the pop up)

Our inventory can also be live searched here- http://search5170.used-auto-parts.biz/inventory/retail.htm

Some common questions:

Q:- How do your engines come?

A: We sell everything as a long block unless noted otherwise, we can sell any engine as a long block, or complete.

Q: Do you test your Engines?

A: Yes, Compression & Leakdown tested. Bearing material inspections done on all turbo engines.

Q: Why do you have a lead time?

A: Our lead time is typically 1 to 3 weeks, but can be as high as 4 weeks. This is just due to demand, we stopped trying to meet demand, as it never worked for us. We can process roughly 15 engines a week, and that's ok with us. We want a quality product, not a rushed one.

Q: What makes you different from your competition?

A: Realistically? Tons. For starters, you aren't dealing with high pressure sales. No one here gets paid on commission. Next, we are a specialty yard, we don't do 30 makes sorta okish… we only do Subaru’s… very well. We live subaru’s… almost everyone who works here drives… A subaru. It's a passion. We also test and vet our engines in ways no other salvage yard does. We document the whole process, and we are extremely happy with our end result.

Q: Do you offer a Warranty?

A: Yes, our Standard warranty is 120 days.

Q: Do you offer a longer warranty?

A: Yes we offer warranties up to 1 year long

Q: Do you offer any extra services to your engines?

A: Yes we offer Head Gasket and Full timing Kit services with our engines using OEM and OEM manufacturer parts only. These do cost additional.

Q: How does a Core work, why are you charging me a core deposit?

A: Core returns are part of the engineer buying process, we require these back. We charge a deposit to ensure we receive the core back. It's fully refundable upon return of the correct core. If you picked your engine up from us, you will have to drop your core off to us. If we ship an engine to you, we will email you a Bill of Lading which you will print 3 copies for the trucking company to pick it up from you.

Q: Are these Engines rebuilt?

A: No, these are Used, fully tested engines. Quality rebuilt Subaru engines are exceptionally expensive

Q: Do you offer Rebuilt engines?

A: We offer OEM+ Rebuilt engines for turbo model Subaru’s. These engines feature roughly about 75% new components. This is as close to a brand new engine as you can get economically.

Q: JDM Depot of “Insert Major City Here” Has a compatible engine for my car that's ⅓ the cost of your engine. Why are you ripping me off?

A: You might as well be comparing apples to horse racing. We are not selling the same thing, nor are you getting the same thing. There's a reason it's cheap, and there’s a reason why we don't sell them. First off, all of those engines represent a 20% reduction in engine size from your 2.5L to the JDM 2.0L, beyond that, the compression ratio is higher also. You also get into the murkiness of Single Avcs, Dual Avcs, sensors, wiring, turbos, etc. We don't sell them, we don't compete with their pricing structure.

Q: What if we have an issue

A: Call us at 610-577-5594 or 484-2949142

Text us at- 610-577-5594

Email us at- [email protected]

Message us on facebook at-https://www.facebook.com/Pmpautoparts/

We are here to assist in all ways possible

Q: I need my engine tomorrow, is there anything we can do about that?

A: Typically not.

Q: If we pick up an engine from you, can you help us load it?

A: Yes, Of course.

Q: Do you finance, or offer financing?

A: We do not, Sorry.

Q: We saw you on facebook, there are a ton of scams on facebook, Is this legit?

A: Ah, the issue with the Modern internet… The amount of scammers out there, some even impersonating us! We are a Brick n Mortar retail salvage yard, with office hours. You can come to us during any of those open hours. We do not accept cash app, venmo, apple gift cards, or any other unsecured payment method. We take All major credit cards, and regular Paypal. We will accept Zelle for vetted customers.

Q: If I yell at you, will it make you do the things I want?

A: No, on the contrary it’ll have the opposite effect. We approach all problems with a solution oriented mindset, and are only looking to talk with reasonable adults who feel the same way. If you want to yell, please do so before calling us, as the person you try and yell at will most likely be the owner of the company, and that’s not going to be a motivator at all for anyone here. We like solutions, not more problems.

Q: Ok I want to buy an engine from you, what do I need to do?

A: Call us up, or text us. We will need the Year, Model, Engine type, and need to know what kind of transmission is in it.

Our Price: $1.00